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Prompt Design

According to recent research in Thailand, to help realize the transition for meat lovers to eat more plant-based has encountered obstacles such as fear regarding tastefulness and health. This perception needs proper elaborate explanation.

“Absolute Plant” is the choice for plant-based food which keeps the natural taste without sacrificing the feel of meat. Its aim is to see global change in the market for consumers–vegans or nonvegans, to access the new wisely consumption.

The consumer insight has shown that most consumers take pride in saving the world. We therefore develop the solution for consumers participation to make big change. By introducing “Mr.AB” as the new hero with a lively and friendly look together with leaf-made robe, scarf and gloves to persuade you to help him to save the world animals’s lives by changing your meat menus to Absolute Plant. This participation not only saves animals’s lives but also save the world CO2 emissions.

Absolute Plant believes that anybody can be a hero.