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Srisangdao Rice

Prompt Design

Executive Creative Director: Somchana Kangwarnjit

Designer: Rutthawitch Akkachairin, SKJ

Photographer: Thiyada Akarasinakul, Pantipa Pummuang

CGI: Jirawat Namwong

Client: Srisangdaw Ricemill Co.,Ltd.

Country: Thailand

Type of work: Commercial Work

Thung Kula Ronghai has been a well-known rice producing area of Thailand where its high quality of rice production has been acclaimed worldwide. Every year the rice production is limited in amount in a controlled environment. This organically produced rice, therefore, is ensured of the best quality and chemicals-free and thereby preserves the environment. This is the origin of SRISANGDAO RICE.

Our challenge in packaging design is to reflect all these organic rice growing processes. We design the package by using the chaffs which is the natural waste from the husking process. The package is die-formed with the rice-shape embossing on top of the box cover which is surrounded by the graphic lines and burning stamp of logo with some details. Inside the box is filled with the rice sack on which lot number and other data are being printed.

Moreover, this rice package may be later used as a tissue box.

This outstanding packaging design is absolutely environmentally friendly and serves beyond an ordinary rice package.